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Invest in expert, professional rug cleaning

A beautiful statement rug is the centrepiece of any room.

Whether it’s Persian, Indian, Oriental, or hand-crafted in this country, your rug needs the best possible care and cleaning.

Dirt and grit can damage the fibres, causing wear and tear. Proper cleaning can help preserve your rug’s beauty for decades.

You need to know your expensive rug is in good hands. Making the wrong choice could ruin your rug.

That’s when you should call the South Wales rug cleaning experts, Mr Jones’ Cleaning Company.

With more than 30 years of experience, our Cardiff-based company has highly-trained staff who know which techniques are suitable for your rug.

Our experts know whether your rug can be submerge-cleaned, if it should be surface-cleaned, or if it can be scrub-cleaned. Find out more here: LINK TO EXISTING SITE.

Your rugs are precious – make sure you care for them properly

Our professional staff use the latest cleaning methods and deal with all kinds of rugs – including shag pile, viscose, polyester, and woollen rugs.

Their knowledge means your rugs are beautifully cleaned without damaging the fibres, or causing the bonding to disintegrate, or shrinking the backing.

Take a look at what our happy customers say. (LINK TO TESTIMINIALS)

We clean all the rugs securely at our South Wales studio, but if you’re in the Cardiff or Newport area, we’re happy to pick them up and drop them off to you for a small charge.

Don’t risk damaging your rug by cleaning it incorrectly. Call the experts at Mr Jones’ Cleaning Company instead! Call us today on 02920 810692.


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